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Pre-buy and Budget Programs

Take control of your home heating bills with cost-effective budget and pre-buy programs. Here at Rick Wenzel Oil, we understand that every household is unique with individual budget goals and energy needs. That is why we offer flexible options to make managing your fuel costs easy and affordable throughout each New Hampshire heating season.

Budget Programs

Whether you prefer to space your annual heating costs into 12 even payments, pay in bulk up front, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered. Our completely customizable budget plans are available to homeowners across the Greater Manchester area.

Contact us to learn more about how we can create the best program for your budget!

Pre-buy Programs

Don’t leave your heating bills to the mercy of the market. With our Pre-buy Program, you can lock in a mutually agreed-upon price per gallon before the heating season begins. As temperatures drop, no matter how the market may fluctuate you will never pay more than the predetermined price.

We also offer next-level Price Protection Insurance. Should the daily price per gallon dip below your pre-buy rate, you will pay the lower market price for your fuel. This is a great way to guarantee that you are always paying the lowest possible price for your home heating oil. Price Protection Insurance is available for an added fee.

Reach out to our office to learn more about how our Pre-buy Program can significantly lower your fuel bills.

Budget Plans